Sunday, January 6, 2013

Week 3: Write a fight scene between a priest wielding a holy spiked chain and a vampire. (Inspired by Realms of the Dead)

Dante stood in what was supposed to be a throne room, what else could it be? Torches of black flame lined the walls casting a haunting glow on the death grey stone of the walls. An intricately carved throne of ebony, trimmed in platinum with onyx stones set at regular intervals. A basin sat on a pedestal next to the throne. If Dante had been a betting me, he would have bet that he knew what was inside the basin. A lush, blood-red carpet took up the main space of the floor, not unlike the practice mat back at the temple. Would this be how the duel was to commence then? He smirked at the thought, Dante the fallen priest vs the Lord of Shadow, with nothing but the stolen weapon and a heart full of doubt.
    “God is the only one who can save you from a power as Evil as the Lord of Shadow, Dante.” The old man had pointed a withered, bony hand at Dante’s face. Father Mayard had forbidden him to go. “Your faith is not strong enough, Dante.” Father Mayard had always been one to let God do the work he was too afraid to do. In Dante’s experience God didn’t do much of anything.
    He gripped the cross in his hand tightly. Not just a symbol of the Christian faith, this particular cross was supposed to be a weapon, but no one alive knew how it was supposed to work. Dante hoped he would have time to find out on his journey, but he had not.
    “So, you have come at last.” A deep resounding voice came from the throne. No, not the throne. There was a figure on the throne, tall and pasty that surely had not been there moments ago. The figure sat on the throne, more like a God than a king. His legs were crossed, long fingers with perfectly cared for finger nails caressed the armrests of his throne.
    “You were waiting for me then?” Had he walked into a trap? Dante looked around to see what else hid in the shadows.
    “Not you, the cross. I have not seen it in years. I lost it back when I claimed this castle. With that holy relic I did many great things, but apparently not so great as to earn my redemption.
    Dante heard a clink coming from inside the cross. Was it responding to the vampire? “Redemption can be bought by one or two big deeds,  especially if those deeds are done for the wrong reason.” Something in the chain seemed to loosen. “You can’t buy redemption, you have to feel the need for it deep in your very bones.”
    “Bah,” the old vampire waved his words away. He stood up from his throne. His frame was thin but looked powerful, like steel. His fingernails were like the talons of a raptor, its exposed chest seemed like a plate of armor. Dante didn’t know what hope he had. he thought back to his adventures and all the probable events that could have occurred and it was then he remembered a guiding hand, a kind of force that had led him in the right direction.
    He pushed the holy cross in front of himself, creating a barrier between the two. With it he placed his faith. It was this that caused the vampire to recoil and a light started emanating from the cross. With the light Dante felt something erupt from the cross, hearing more clinks until it finally all came out, a chain, twelve foot long, created by links that looked as hard as diamond, each one covered with spikes on either side of the link. Dante whirled the chain back and lashed it at the unholy creature like a whip.