Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week 5: Write a description of a macabre party in the catacombs under Paris. (Inspired by Revolution)

Week 5: Write a description of a macabre party in the catacombs under Paris. (Inspired by Revolution)

The stairwell leading down from the Barrière d'Enfer was quiet and dark. Only the gurgling sound of an aqueduct could be heard, diverting water from the bones of the dead. The map the man had given Steel had him heading down this entrance through a bendy corridor for a stretch. Steel’s torch illuminated the stone walls, chalk marks resembling arrows decorated the stone. Steel wondered just how many people had wandered into this tunnel lost, and then turned back not knowing that freedom was so close. He knew of course that many did die in these tunnels. He tried to push the thought out of his mind.
After walking for twenty minutes or so, Steel came upon a model of a fort. He knew this to be the Fortress Port-Mahon. The stone of the statue had a light coating of moss along its walls but it was exquisite in its detail. Three minutes later the sound sound of music and murmuring began to overpower the gurgling of the aqueducts. Finally he came to an archway, the words Arrête! C'est ici l'empire de la Mort carved above it. Beyond it the passageway was lined with bones and skulls. There was a formation of skulls in the shape of a heart. It made him stop.
“Really, a heart?”
“Yes, what a morbid juxtoposition!”
The voice had come from behind steel. He drew the dagger from his belt and whirlled around to meet the speaker. Behind him there was a hooded man. The man’s head tilted back away from the dagger, however his eyes were not fearful.
“Put that away Monseiur. I mean you no harm. We are headed to the same place, no?”
Steel lowered his dagger but did not relax his posture. “What do you know of this, place we are going?”
…cut out this dialogue because it’s not important to assignment...
In the center of the antechamber a decorative giant bone acted as a support for the ceiling. On closer inspection Steel found that it wasn’t one giant bone, but a sculpture made of hundreds of thousands of bones. Skulls wound their way up the pillar like a spiral staircase. A circle of men in hooded black cloaks stood in a circle around the pillar; their heads were bent and they were murmuring some sort of prayer.

Other Men and women wearing cloaks of blood red and ebony black robes danced with each other to a dreary sort of English waltz. Goblets of either dark red wine or blood, Steel couldn’t tell which, sat on the edge of a round table, like the teeth of some horrible monster. Paper lanterns lined the walls and pillars, casting red and blue lights throughout the room. Several tables sat throughout the room, each adorned with a skull wearing a melting black as a crown. Large roast pigs, huge slabs of beef, and whole pheasants lay on silver plates for the party guests.
At the front of the room there was a large upside down crucifix, made out of some black glossy material. In front of the cross was a raised dais, serving as an altar. A man in red robes wearing a gold circlet on his forehead wielded a huge axe. A large sow in front of him grunted and snorted. The man raised his axe, and when it came down a loud ‘thunk’ echoed through the hall, followed by cheering.
“Monsieur Lefevre, I’m glad to see that you could make it.”

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