Sunday, December 29, 2013

Week 7: Write a fast-paced chase scene between a thief and a bounty hunter through narrow cliffs on gliders. (Inspired by Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind)

Icarus’s one advantage was that he was no stranger to gliding. He flapped his arms to control with wind currents around him as naturally as a bird. Calo did not seem to have the same advantages, but was a fast learner. Calo’s wrist blaster would be of no use unless he wanted to reach the ground the hard way. Icarus pulled his wings back, and dived down in a controlled fashion, hoping that Calo would follow him
When it became clear that Calo was not going to do so, Icarus lifted his wings out only to fin an explosion to his right side. The force of the explosion propelled him upwards. He was able to use the air to gain height. Then a shadow appeared above him. he looked behind him to see Calo, framed in sunlight. The bounty hunter screamed something at him, but the wind blocked out any hope of understanding what it might be. A flaming green sack flew past Icarus’s head and exploded about twenty feet below. Icarus banked to his right. To his dismay the shadow of Calo followed him. A large shadow seemed to unravel from Calo. Icarus didn’t wait to see what the thing was as he flipped the switch for his rutter and banked steeply to the left. He avoided the weighted net but had to rise to avoid a jutting rock as well. Calo was getting better at gliding by the second and had far more tricks up his sleeve than Icarus did.
Icarus spotted a pair of rocks jutting up up beside each other, with only the narrowest gap between them. He turned sharply to fit between them, and one of the rocks clipped his wing, causing him to spin for a moment. Calo swooped like a bird of prey but Icarus managed to get his wing stabilized. Some small metal disk made a whizzing sound as it past his ear. It hit one of the tall rocks below and blasted it apart.
Apparently bringing Icarus in alive was a secondary priority. The watch was all that was truly necessary. He had to end this quickly.
A sudden weight on his right wing threw off his balance. A smoking green bag clung to his right wing. Wind or no, he did hear cruel and malicious laughter at that point. The bag began to spark. Icarus looked around, Calo was going to catch him. The wizard was going to get his watch back, then all of Torsus would be in trouble. A flame erupted from one of the sparks, he only had a few seconds left.

It was a mad idea, but it was either that or his bones would be broken all over the canyon floor below. He banked right this time, aiming for the tall spire. Calo was right on his tail. He raised his right arm just a bit as he swooped past, he felt it catch. He pulled the release lever on his right wing and it tore away from the frame, stuck fast to the sticky ball of fire, which was now stuck to the rock. A loud explosion rocked the canyon as the rock spire began to tumble. Icarus began to spin out of control and he heard a man’s scream of rage and fear in the distance. Icarus tried to control his decent as best he could, but with one wing the best he could hope to do was not kill himself.

I'm back.

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back. A lot has happened in my personal life. I've been working on a novel since I last talked to you. I'm on the second draft right now, about ten chapters into it. My work situation is settled down so now I don't have to worry about my programming skills, and I can focus on my work when I'm at work, and my writing when I am not. So anyway, look for new posts.