Sunday, January 5, 2014

Week 8: Write a romantic fight scene between two assassins—one hired to kill the other, only to find they have instant chemistry (Inspired by The Book of Jhereg)

She was called by some the Black Widow. In apt name at best, she wasn’t wanted for killing husbands. Her name was only known as Jade. The sketch Kiltz had been given of her showed a beautiful woman, perhaps in her early to mid twenties. She had long dark hair, and green eyes according to the description. Like Kiltz, she was an assassin, a good one two, but he was prepared for a fight if it came to that.
He pulled out his trusty longbow. Her job should be completed by now, and any moment she would be coming to her hideout. Kiltz heard her foot falls and drew back his bow. He hoped the first shot would do the trick, a moving target was hard to hit, though he wasn’t your average shot.
A figure, slender and graceful, ran across the rooftop, her foot caught on a loose shingle but through an effort of athletic skill and balance she cartwheeled forward.
“Impressive,” he muttered under his breath. That he soon learned was a mistake, the sound of his voice must have reached her, despite the noise of the city below. She looked up and he looked into her eyes, her startling green eyes. No human alive had those eyes. They irises looked more like emeralds than blood vessels. She saw the arrow, and then saw him. Her look of shock changed to a smirk, he knew he would not be able to hit her with the arrow, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to anymore.
His moment’s hesitation allowed her to draw out a ball shaped object, she threw it to the ground and it began to smoke. She was totally obstructed from view. Kiltz couldn’t let her go, he crawled out the window to follow her.
“Looking for someone?”
He turned around to see Jade standing beside the window. Her green eyes, that dark hair, those pouty lips. She was beauty, she was danger. Staring at her was like being picked up by an eagle and carried over the lakes, forests, and mountains. The trip would be dangerous, yes, but it would be the most beautiful danger there could be. She had a small crossbow pointed at his heart. “Yes, I’m looking for the most beautiful woman I have ever set my eyes upon.  Have you seen her?”
“Can’t say that I have,” she conceded. A dangerous but somewhat amused smile played across her lips. “What’s she look like?”
“Let me show you,” with an expert motion Kiltz sidestepped out of the line of fire and drew out a hand mirror he used to see around corners. He flashed the mirror to her as she let loose the tiny wooden quarrel. “See her now?”
She didn’t answer, she only drew her knife, a wickedly long and thin blade. At the same moment he had drawn his, a straight dagger made from the fang of a giant serpent. The blades met, causing a clang of metal on bone. The snake fang was as strong as steel, something she had obviously not expected. She stared at him, her lips pulled back in a sexy snarl. it was his turn to smirk. They pushed off each other and stood back. They stared at each other, measuring each other up. He didn’t want to kill her, but he was now committed, and besides, one did not cross the Bel’iscone if one wanted to survive.
The two assassin’s came at each other again, knives still in hand. This time however, she went low like a viper. One booted foot came up and caught him unexpectedly under the jaw, throwing him off balance. He knew he was lost as his vision swam and he fell back against a window. She could now finish him off easily. There was a small sound and threw the fog of dizziness he saw her jump to the nearest building. She had spared him?

“I hope we see each other again,” she said. She pulled out a kerchief and tied it around a quarrel. He thought she was about to shoot it at him but instead she shot it beside him, the quarrel burying itself in a wooden plank, the kerchief smelled of rosewater. With that she was gone. Yes, they would see each other again.

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