Sunday, January 26, 2014

Write an ominous description of the most terrifying door you possibly can. (Inspired by the works of Lovecraft)

The made of a weak, brittle wood painted in white. It could be any old door on any old house, instead fate had dictated that it would be an old door in this old house. Through the spectral green glow of his handheld camera the door was all that he could see. Without the camera he couldn’t even see it. As he took a step forward the door began to rattle, the doorknob looking as if it might fall off, revealing a malevolent eye that would then know he was on the other side of the door. The camera was getting hard to hold onto, a combination of sweating and shaking threatened to fling his only light to the floor and shatter it. Then he would be alone, in the dark, with that door.
The door rattled from impact again. A long wood splinter got knocked off the door. He wanted to turn back but couldn’t. His balls were sweating. The door rattled one more time before he reached for it.

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