Sunday, January 19, 2014

Write a page of dialogue between two teenagers and the devil they have managed to accidentally capture. (Inspired by Brimstone Angels)

“What have you done?” The thing’s voice was like knives on a chalkboard. It ran at the edge of the circle and went it met the boundary it was forced back with a minor explosion. Derek and Tom jumped back, Derek fell over a log.
Derek sat up on his hands. “Holy shit it worked!”
“Yeah, but Derek, this ain’t no leprechaun.” Tom grabbed the book and checked the instructions. They had done everything right. Why hadn’t it worked.”
“Let me out of here before I kill both of you.” The thing struck at the barrier again and again, each strike causing a spark.
“Now hold on a minute,” Tom said, flipping through the book.
“How do we get rid of it,” Derek asked. “Can we send it back to where it came from or something?
“Oh, I see. Leprechauns live in Ireland. This is some type of devil native to the American southeast.”
“That’s fine, how do we send it back.” Panic edged Derek’s voice.
“Break the circle,” it suggested, a grin crossing its toothy maw.
“Do we look stupid?” Tom shut the book. It was time for a bluff. “I have the power to send you back, or I have the power to cause you lots of pain. It’s your choice whatcha git.”
The devil looked to be thinking it over. “I will grant you one favor in return for releasing me.”
“Three,” said Thomas.
“Five,” said Derek.
“One,” said the devil. “I can grant you the love of someone you desire, riches, or answer any one question you want to know. What will it be?”

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