Sunday, February 9, 2014

Write humorous letter from Famine to War (of the four horsemen of the apocalypse). (Inspired byGood Omens)

Dear War,
How are you feeling today? Are you full of piss and vinegar? Things are going well here. Fifteen-thousand died today alone. There was this one guy that was missing two of his ribs, and he was so thin and starved that you could see his heart beating through his chest. I about laughed until I peed.
It’s funny how far humans will go before they recognize what is really going on. “Famine always happens eventually,” I heard one guy say. “It doesn’t mean anything.” He’s ignoring all of your action in the middle east too. “They’re always fighting.”
I heard Conquest is happy in Mexico. I can just imagine him in his gold armor with sitting on a beach towel with his legs crossed sipping on a margarita. Then again, he’s never satisfied. Always a work-a-holic. I wonder what Death is doing? Is he still seeing that one girl, you know the one withe the raven hair and black lipstick. Or have they already had sex? If so it’s a shame, she was a nice girl. I don’t know why death won’t settle for a nice dead girl, but know he always has to have the living ones.
Well brother I’ll let you get back to it.

Hope you are well,


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