Sunday, February 2, 2014

Write an inventive fight scene between a bounty hunter and an escaped convict in a room with no gravity. (Inspired by Ender’s Game and Cowboy Bebop)

“Bill Williamson, I’ve got you now!” John Marston drew his laser pistol. Bill was far away and gaining distance. John fired, but Bill pivoted just before the shot would have hit its mark. The bolt sailed past Bill and struck the control panel next to the door at the end of the hall.
“Now entering zero gravity,” a calm female voice said over the intercom. Bill continued to run into the room. John pulled out his zero point energy projector and fired it at Bill, hoping to hold him in place. The lasso like beam fell short of Bill who turned and flipped John the bird as he made it into the room and leaped into the air. John wasn’t far behind and made it into the room shortly after Bill.
It was a huge, spherical room. The room was dotted with evenly spaced purple lights against a field of black. The lights cast a violet glow onto everything. John looked towards where he thought Bill must be, but couldn’t see anything other than a few floating crates. The cargo freight elevator which would normally be used to transport heavy goods up the room was at the top of its tracks.
“Where did you go, Bill?” The question was more for John than Bill. The answer came soon however as something small and pointed shot past John’s head.
“Hey, John! Nice to see you down there.” Bill was holding a small gun like device, probably a pneumatic rivet gun. He fired it again and as the bolt came sailing at John, Bill was driven back several feet. The bolt went wide and missed John completely, instead embedding itself in the durasteel floor. “This baby’s got one helluva kick!”
John pulled out his laser pistol. “I’m gonna give you one last chance to along peacefully before I fill you full of plasma.”
Bill laughed, the sound echoed hollowly off the round walls. “John you couldn't hit the broadside of a freighter with a sniper rifle.” Bill fired his gun again, but this time to his right so he drifted to the left.
John pushed off from the floor. He used his zero point lasso to latch on to the rail of the freight elevator. “Must be why your momma was so easy to hit.”
Bill didn't’ find that funny. He pulled up another device and a whining buzzing sound emanated from it. A spinning disc flew at John like a horrific Frisbee. This time Bill was closer to the mark, and though John pivoted to the side the spinning blade caught him in the arm. his blood formed into little droplets that clung to his arm. Bill fired again but John had already pushed away from the track. The blade flew harmlessly underneath his feet.
John returned fire with his pistol, the gun had zero recoil and didn't push him further out into the room. A blue field of energy glowed as the bolt would have hit Bill. Bill was once again knocked back a few feet. “Dammit.” John ground his teeth together. Bill had a force field generator. It would protect him from John’s energy-based weaponry. John reached out with his lasso and grabbed a crate floating nearby. He flung it at Bill, more out of frustration than thinking it could hurt Bill. Bill simply fired a bolt into the crate, deflecting it from his path.
“Ready to give up, John?” Bill said, spreading his arms wide. John wasn't ready to give in, not yet. If he could get close enough to Bill, he could smash the energy projecting device.
Bill pointed his gun straight down to propel himself upwards. “Have a good time, dumb-ass!”
John lassoed onto the tack once again and propelled himself forward. He used the momentum and latched on to the track a little farther along, pulling himself up. As he did this his and his speed increased Bill let out a volley of buzz saw blades. All of them fell short of John, Bill’s aim unable to keep up with John’s speed. They collided in mid air, John’s momentum only slowed a little by Bill’s mass. They were sent spinning through the anti-gravity room, each punch that they landed on each other tilting their spin a little more. Bill tried to bring his weapons around but the tools were too unwieldy for close quarters combat. Bill’s fingers tried to latch themselves around John’s thick neck but they weren't long enough, and John’s sweat had made his skin slippery.
John found the device, it vibrated and sparked at his touch. John was able to hook his fingers on the underside of the device and yanked it off Bill’s belt. Bill tried to reach out for it but John struck him with the but of his pistol. Momentarily stunned, John used his lasso to immobilize Bill.
“I got you now, you son of a bitch.”

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